What’s Grasp Metrics Feed

Connecting all of your data sources to one place is great, but what would be even better? How about all your digital marketing data transformed into easily digested cross-platform insights and packed in one tidy, streamlined, marketing analytics feed that goes really well with your morning coffee?

We’re proud to present the latest feature –  Grasp Metrics data feed! It’s like a social network, only for your digital marketing metrics.

Connect as many data sources as you need from our evergrowing list of integrations, and Grasp Metrics will gather all relevant data, crunch it into neat insights and generate your data feed – giving you a bird’s eye view of your digital marketing.


Grasp Metrics data feed

Main features of Grasp Metrics data feed:

  • One tidy feed with cross-platform insights.
  • Relative performance AND importance-based insight order.
  • Ability to set your KPIs and remove metrics you don’t need.
  • Explore contributing factors to your metric’s performance.
  • Pin metrics you always need to the top of the feed.
  • Track your digital marketing performance day to day with ease.
  • Set monthly goals for the most important metrics.
  • See all your social media posts in one place.
  • Search bar to quickly filter what you need.
  • Quickly send reports and share your insights.
  • And more to come!

Log into your account and start exploring your data feed.

* The only data Grasp Metrics retrieves the data source is what’s necessary to generate insights. We believe that all personal data should stay personal — we won’t record it, use it, or sell it. Ever.

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