Hi. We’re Grasp Metrics

We create solutions that help marketers be more efficient, providing you with simple tools for everyday work. Our tools will save you a little bit of time and effort a lot of times, and that’s a lot of time and effort you can put into something else.

At Grasp Metrics, not only do we build marketing tools FOR marketers, we ARE marketers cleverly disguised as a software company.

We’re also known as LooseGrip, a small (but mighty) team of dedicated experts with the unique ability to map a whole bunch of data, create kick-ass content, and identify key insights that deliver results.

We work with a broad mix of clients who sell everything from ice cream to hotel rooms, to servers and DDoS protection. Our competitive advantage is providing superior, customized service to our clients where we emphasize data-driven decision-making and quantifiable results that bring added value. We also build software to make our lives (and yours) easier, but you already knew that.

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Want to get in touch? Email us at hello@loosegrip.net or hello@graspmetrics.com. It’s the same address anyway :)