UTM tagging isn’t meant to be painful.

We make URL tracking manageable.

Aren’t URL builders supposed to help marketers, not make their jobs harder with added manual labor? It’s kinda wild how something like UTM tagging that should (in theory) be so simple has brought on more migraines than measurable metrics. About time we used a tool that simply does its job, so we can do ours.

A better URL creator for Google Analytics UTM tagging

Link Central

UTM tagging can be a slippery slope with your consistency from even the smallest of errors. With Link Central, you'll have a better URL creator that eliminates manual data entry mishaps and ensures accurate tracking. Boost tracking, save time and get your team on the same page with a less daunting, battle-tested URL creator that’s tailored to your requirements.

Simplify UTM tagging

Say goodbye to the chore of manual data entry. Link Central generates those tedious campaign fields for you.

Gain Consistency

Stay on top of your URL tracking while Link Central does the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Improved attribution

Link Central creates accurate tags every time to help you identify the traffic sources and optimize your marketing strategies.

Declutter your LinkedIn Ads dashboard


Tired of navigating multiple tabs and spreadsheets to gather LinkedIn Ads performance data? Dash+ provides curated reports in one clean view, giving you the insights you need in fewer clicks.

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Ad Performance Showcase

Gain a bird's-eye view of your ad performance with crystal-clear visuals that can be easily screenshotted, shared with your team, and used to showcase the success of your ads.

All-in-One Campaign Dashboard

No more tab-hopping! Our powerful campaign dashboard seamlessly integrates all ad types, offering customizable KPIs to gain actionable insights.

Simplified Rollup Results

Improve performance analysis by consolidating metrics from different campaign types, helping you evaluate the overall impact of your marketing efforts.