How to edit a scheduled report

You might need to edit some previosuly scheduled reports if circumstances, dates, or meeting formats change for any reason. Grasp metrics reports are a powerful tool for delivering fresh insights straight to your mailbox and distributing information to stakeholders, but it’s important to have the right information at the right time, Grasp Metrics gives you the ability to edit already scheduled reports ahead of time. It’s really easy to do schedule a report, just follow the simple steps below.


HOw to edit a scheduled report using Grasp Metrics

To edit a scheduled report

  • Navigate to the Reports page.
  • Find the report you want to edit.
  • Click on the “Edit” button.
  • Make any changes you want.
  • Click on the “Save changes” button.
  • Your report is now updated!
  • That’s it! Enjoy your insights!

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