Amplifying your event presence with social: During

Missed the first part of our three-step social media guide for events? Learn what to do and what to consider before an event.



Things to do:

  • Arrive early and take pre-event photos. This could include the location or setting, a registration or check-in desk, or your booth (with your organization’s logo showing).
  • Try shooting photos from different angles, and experiment with flash. Take a few test photos to find out what works best in each specific setting.
  • Take candid photos, rather than posed pictures, and get as close to the action as possible without interfering. If there’s a presentation, position yourself near the stage to take photos of the speaker, rather than the back of listeners’ heads.
  • Frame your photos. Groups of three to five people in landscape format work well. And mix the images up with full body, medium shots and headshots.
  • Identify the subjects and subject matter of your photos. Double-check spelling, and if the pictured people or organizations have social media accounts (Twitter handles, for example), tag those relevant individuals, partners, clients, etc.
  • Take a lot of photos! They don’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to post every single one. The more photos you take, the more likely you’ll find some good images to help tell your event and company’s story.
  • Post photos directly to your personal or brand accounts, and/or share photos, live event information and speaker quotes via WhatsApp with those doing the social posting.
  • Record short behind-the-scenes videos for posting to social media. For example, a 30-second clip of an executive interview could be shared without the need for fancy editing software to make it polished.
  • If using Facebook, post and “check-in” to the exact location or specific event. If tweeting, you can also check in by selecting the location of your tweet.
  • Use hashtags in your social posts, but don’t go overboard.
    • Facebook: One or two hashtags per post
    • Twitter: Three or fewer hashtags per tweet
    • LinkedIn: No more than five hashtags per update
  • Continue to alert people of activities happening as part of the main event or conference. Share reminders the day before, day of and 15 minutes to an hour before it kicks off as a last-minute call-to-action.


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