Futility and other feelings:
a marketing analytics study

Traffic Channels Recap

That wraps up where your fellow marketers’ focus lies and where they spend their work hours. It’s what the marketing stacks and toolboxes of a thousand companies look like. We hope it might give you insight into where to invest your own time and how your choice of traffic channels and marketing platforms measures against the world (or ten very crowded buses). 

Charts and graphs aside, the situation is very colorful, as very few companies actually have the exact same marketing stack. Our conclusion is that there’s a lot of pressure on marketers as they have to keep up with all the new social media, tools, and advertising platforms. Being a marketer today is possibly harder than it ever was. Sure, there’s a bunch of tools out there, but then again — there’s a bunch of tools out there.

Although it is highly unlikely that a single company will change its marketing channels frequently, we feel that changing companies as a marketer is becoming increasingly difficult. There’s the common drawback of both being highly specialized and being the jack of all trades — keeping up with a constant shift on the market with new platforms popping up every couple of years.

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