Futility and other feelings:
a marketing analytics study

Paid Ads

Again, we were not surprised to see that the huge chunk of this chart is split between Google (34%) and Facebook (39%, and let’s face it – we’ll never call it Meta). But we should focus on what we’re NOT seeing here, monopoly aside.

💡 Not one single marketer in US, UK & Canada picked TikTok as a platform where they advertise through paid media

Now, it is quite obvious that our survey missed people that are advertising on TikTok because ads do exist there. But we’re saying that based on this survey, there are 1 billion people using TikTok, and only 63 out of 1000 marketers are using it at all, but NONE of them are paying for ads there. What are the odds?

And we are not in any way affiliated or promoting TikTok, but we do have this fancy new TikTok integration that we built right after this survey, and it might help you dive into this wild and uncharted territory of short videos, with or without cats in them.


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