Futility and other feelings:
a marketing analytics study

Traffic Channels

With various markets behaving differently, we were curious to learn where marketers spend their energy and what traffic channels, platforms, and tools they use every day. We recognize that browser windows easily become cluttered with tabs, so we wanted to know what happens elsewhere on their desktop. It turns out that on average, marketers are using 8 different platforms to do their work. Talk about having superpowers, huh.

That’s a lot of platforms to manage, so we took a deeper dive into what respondents are using to hit their goals. As expected, email (23%) and social media (22%) marketing are at the top. Monitoring and utilizing website traffic (17%), CRM (15%), and paid ads (14%) have a pretty even spread and are followed by a somewhat less represented e-commerce (9%) crowd. Our guess is that they were busy making coupons for the holiday season.


We also had our own reasons to learn what tools and platforms marketers are using — so we could build Grasp Metrics integrations to match the market. It turns out that we already have most of them integrated so these data points ended up being just like privacy settings on Facebook — useless.

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