Futility and other feelings:
a marketing analytics study


As all those campaigns end, it’s time to do everyone’s favorite activity — copypasting reporting on campaign results. And let me tell you, people seem to be drowning in reports. The majority of respondents (78%) are reporting at least once a month, while 40% of all people are reporting at least once a week, and 10% report daily. Like it’s a weather report.

This means that there’s some serious time spent reporting on a monthly basis. We asked about that as well and 50% of folks spend more than 1 hour making a single report. That’s a lot of copypasting. Some 25% manage to do it in under 60 minutes, another 15% have automated solutions and 10% have someone else to do it.

We were also curious about how much time do people consider wasted while they are making reports. So the graph below shows the time per report that people feel they should spend working on something else.


Again, most people retrieve their data manually (48%), from the native apps, and another 20% are using in-house analytics teams. The rest have various setups and software solutions that serve as a proxy for retrieving data.

A lot of time seems to be wasted in making the data readable for humans — as 70% of respondents are required to compile their report in some sort of deck, PDF, or presentation. Sadly, 28% of people have to use spreadsheets and we just can’t tolerate that kind of cruelty.

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