Futility and other feelings:
a marketing analytics study


When it comes to monitoring performance metrics we were looking for a couple of dimensions to determine people’s preferences when it comes to checking performance online. So, the campaign is live, posts are published, videos are rolling and time goes by. How often do you check how it’s going? Where do you do that? How does it work for you?

Unsurprisingly, a large majority of people (66%) are using native apps to check the progress of their campaigns. That means if the campaign is on Facebook, they are checking Facebook, and if they have a multi-channel campaign their browser stops working because of all those tabs. 

A hand-drawn illustration of a hand marking a graph with an upward trend line.

Just a small percentage (7%) is checking their numbers by using specialized apps, such as Grasp Metrics. Bummer. And 27% of all respondents are lucky enough to have someone else refreshing and checking all those tabs (we suspect unpaid interns).

And they seem pretty chill about it — “only” 44% of our respondents are checking their campaigns at least once a day, while 27% of people do it once a week. The remaining 29% of respondents don’t really seem to care about monitoring, and that number is super close to the number of people having someone else do it for them — although there’s no complete overlap.

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