Futility and other feelings:
a marketing analytics study


We reached a thousand marketers from the US, UK, and Canada to enquire about their work experience, feelings, and frustrations. On average, our marketers have around 10 years of experience, various levels of seniority, and they work in teams averaging 5 people in companies of various sizes and across different industries. We had a few unpaid social media interns, although we expected many more.




years of experience


Unpaid Interns

We had a decent mix of B2B (49%) and B2C (45%) companies, with non-profits pitching in a humble 6%. Although we did ask, we’ve seen little to no correlation between the size of the company and the size of its marketing department as different industries have different needs and practices. Some corporations with over 1000 employees had marketing teams of 5, as did some companies of 10 people.

Company Size

However, we were surprised to find that 15% of the people completing our survey are a one-man show, and 38% of them are employed in larger companies. Our team shuddered when imagining what those meetings must look like.

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