Q: Who should use a quiz for content marketing?

A. You.

B. Your competitors.

C. Your clients.

D. All of the above!


Online quizzes are popular for a reason.

  • They’re a great way to turn otherwise static content into an interactive experience.
  • They increase on-page engagement.
  • They increase the chance that visitors will share your content.


When creating a quiz, tie it to your brand’s value to your customer:

  • If you’re offering technology… Quiz: How secure is your organization?
  • If you’re offering ice cream… Quiz: What flavor are you?
  • If you’re offering SEO… Quiz: Is your site fully optimized for search?


Make the payoff worthwhile:

  • Give a real result. Nothing is worse than taking the time to fill out a quiz and then getting results back that are clearly not based on your answers.
  • Make it shareable. Be sure users get a result that is share-worthy.


Tips to create a great quiz:

  • Link product names and images. How does this quiz tie to your brand? Link products directly in the quiz (and don’t forget to open in a new window with target=”_blank”).
  • Present feedback after each question. Provide the user with relevant facts and make the quiz experience interactive and fun.
  • Always present a single clear action after the completion of any quiz. Be sure to include a share button, a form fill, a link to another quiz or post, etc.


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