How to set a goal for pinned metrics

Did you know that you can also set a monthly goal for pinned metrics? Pinned metric goals are a useful tool to keep an eye on KPI progress and to make sure that you smash those monthly goals. In case you connected any of the available integrations and you pinned some metrics, but you want to keep an eye on your monthly goals for any of the pinned KPIs, don’t worry – we got you covered with this short how-to! Just follow these simple steps to set a monthly goal and you’ll have it right in front of you in no time.


Set monthly goals to your pinned metric in Grasp Metrics data feed

To set a monthly goal for your Grasp Metrics feed:

  • Navigate to the Customize page.
  • Locate the pinned metric you need in the “Pinned metrics” section.
  • Enter your monthly goal for that metric in the text box next to the pin icon.
  • Click on the “Apply changes” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • That’s it! Your pinned metric will now always show progress towards your monthly goal!
  • Select Home.
  • Enjoy your insights!

Log into your account and start setting goals!

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