How to Connect a Data Source

Connecting your data source to Grasp Metrics is the first step in enabling streamlined marketing analytics. Cross-platform insights from all your channels in one place in just 4 clicks. View the full list of integrations available here.


How to Connect a Data Source

To connect a data source to Grasp Metrics:

  • Navigate to the Connections page.
  • Click ‘Add a connection’.
  • Click on the source you wish to connect.
  • Log in to the source with your credentials*.
  • Choose an account to complete the connection.
  • That’s it! You are connected.
  • Select Home.
  • Enjoy your insights!

Log into your account and start connecting your data sources.

* The only data Grasp Metrics retrieves the data source is what’s necessary to generate insights. We believe that all personal data should stay personal — we won’t record it, use it, or sell it. Ever.

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