How to add a metric

Adding a metric to your feed in Grasp Metrics is an important step in configuring your streamlined marketing analytics. In case you connected any of the available integrations for the first time, your brand’s KPIs changed, or you just want to track an additional metric in your feed, don’t worry – we got you covered! Just follow these simple steps to activate metric tracking and you’ll have it in your Grasp Metrics feed in no time.


Add a metric to Grasp Metrics data feed

To add a metric to your Grasp Metrics feed:

  • Navigate to the Customize page.
  • Locate the metric you need in the “Available metrics” section.
  • Drag and drop that metric to the “Active metrics” section.
  • Place the metric in high, medium, or low importance group.
  • Click on the “Apply changes” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • That’s it! Your metric is now a part of your feed!
  • Select Home.
  • Enjoy your insights!

Log into your account and start adding metrics!

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