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Email marketing is one of the most direct lines of communication you have with your most loyal fans. But engaging with and growing that audience requires a constant eye on performance. With Grasp Metrics you can quickly and seamlessly measure the impact MailChimp is having on your marketing programs.


Connect your MailChimp account to Grasp Metrics and we’ll pull actionable insights and deliver them to you automatically. You have full control over what performance means to your brand. Do subscribers matter most to your brand? Is open rate more insightful than clicks?

As with all Grasp Metrics integrations, you have full control over what metrics matter to you by weighting which are high, medium, and low importance.

Rank your KPIs and get all data in one place
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Some of Grasp Metrics user’s favorite MailChimp metrics for their brand’s include:

  • Revenue per email
  • Email Open Rate
  • Email Unsubscribes
  • Email Opens
  • Emails Sent

Insightful Insights, Imagine that.

With Grasp Metrics custom rankings, and contributing factors you can see your Mailchimp Reports in a whole new way. Saving you time. Eliminating spreadsheets. Plus, you can connect Grasp Metric’s MailChimp connector to see how paid performance impacts your presence.

Content Performance

See which emails are hitting home with your audience.

Subscriber growth

Grasp keeps a keen eye on subscriber growth so you don’t have to.


Grasp will keep a close eye on your unsubscribe rates.