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Identify content that drives the greatest engagement


Grasp Metrics can help you and your team easily see which content performs best on a regular basis. Identify trending content to drive engagement and business results. When you aggregate those insights with your other connected data sources, you’ll uncover key metrics that will inform your Facebook insights, Twitter posts and beyond.


Connect your LinkedIn company page with a few simple clicks and begin to see how your most important metrics perform. Set goals for each metric and gain clarity on your overall marketing performance.

As with all Grasp Metrics integrations, you have full control over what metrics matter to you by weighting which are high, medium, and low importance.

Rank your KPIs and get all data in one place
Most Popular Facebook Metrics


Pinned metrics we find useful include:

  • LinkedIn Company Page Followers
  • LinkedIn Company Page Impressions
  • LinkedIn Company Page Engagement Rate
  • LinkedIn Company Page Button Clicks
  • LinkedIn Company Page All Page Views
  • LinkedIn Company Page Page Posts
  • LinkedIn Company Page Comments
  • LinkedIn Company Page Likes
  • LinkedIn Company Page Clicks
  • LinkedIn Company Page Shares

Insightful Insights, Imagine that.

With all your metrics in one place, Grasp Metrics can help you identify issues quickly and note trends for future performance.

Content Performance

See which content is trending with your audience.

Follower growth

Track follower growth to profile who has taken an interest in your page and business.

Follower Engagement

Learn which content drives engagement, page views and revenue with the click of a button.