Enough PDF Reports already.

Grow the Impact of your Google Ads Campaigns

Meaningful Paid Search Insights


Tracking and dissecting your paid search data is critical in ensuring your campaign’s progress and performance. Leveraging important factors like CTR, CPCs and which keywords are driving leads are the keys to driving results, optimizing keywords and ads, and planning future campaigns.

In order to make better marketing decisions, it’s time to introduce your Google Ads campaigns to Grasp Metrics.

Custom Google Analytics Goals

Choose the metrics that matter most to you and your campaigns to make sure you are maximizing your view into the data and collecting insights that propel your marketing efforts forward.

Connect your Google Ads campaign to Grasp Metrics and we’ll help capture and display immediate, actionable insights.

As with all Grasp Metrics integrations, you have full control over what metrics matter to you by weighting which are high, medium, and low importance.

Rank your KPIs and get all data in one place
Popular Hubspot metrics on Grasp


Some of Grasp user’s favorite Google Ads metrics for their brand’s include:

  • Google Ads Impressions & Clicks
  • Google Ads Click-through-Rate (CTR)
  • Google Ads Conversion Rate (CVR)

Insightful Insights, Imagine that.

With all your metrics in one place, Grasp Metrics can help you identify issues quickly and note trends for future performance.


Pinpoint lead conversions from website visitors into leads.


Learn which content drives web visits, revenue and enagement.


Rank the KPIs that matter most to you and Grasp will keep an eye on their performance.