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Audit your LinkedIn Ads

Understand which campaigns are most impactful and why


Along with the release of our LinkedIn Company Page integration, we have launched LinkedIn Ads. Retrieve key metrics from your Ad campaigns and begin to evaluate your conversions and track impressions.


When your LinkedIn Ad account is connected to Grasp Metrics, you’ll begin to identify your top lead generation opportunities. Rank metrics by their importance and discover deeper insights into who your target audience is and how to better reach them. Layer in metrics from other connected sources such as our Twitter Integration and see a more complete picture of that audience.

As with all Grasp Metrics integrations, you have full control over what metrics matter to you by weighting which are high, medium, and low importance.

Rank your KPIs and get all data in one place
Most Popular Facebook Metrics


Pinned metrics we find useful include:

  • LinkedIn Company Page Followers
  • LinkedIn Company Page Impressions
  • LinkedIn Company Page Engagement Rate
  • LinkedIn Company Page Button Clicks
  • LinkedIn Company Page All Page Views
  • LinkedIn Company Page Page Posts
  • LinkedIn Company Page Comments
  • LinkedIn Company Page Likes
  • LinkedIn Company Page Clicks
  • LinkedIn Company Page Shares

Insightful Insights, Imagine that.

See your LinkedIn Ads in a whole new way with Grasp Metrics custom rankings.

Ad Optimization

See which creative style and format is performing best and identify the areas to optimize.

Ad conversions

Understand how your ads led to form completion, content download, or other valuable action with Grasp.

KPIs that matter

Rank the KPIs that matter most to you.