Annoying but necessary: A UTM story

In case you don’t already know, UTMs (Urchin Tracking Modules) are parameters that you can add to your campaign URLs; they provide additional insights on your campaign’s performance. Setting them up can be a bit of work, but it’s worth it.

Here’s why you should always add UTM tags

  • Find your best sources of traffic combined with the highest-performing content for those sources.

  • Tagging links with campaign parameters allows you to segment and analyze your traffic based on social channel, visitor type, or individual campaigns.

  • By default, all social network traffic is treated the same. Tagging links lets you differentiate social traffic from paid social traffic.

  • This segmentation allows you to optimize media spend and placement based on the quality of visit, rather than the quantity of clicks.

  • With tags, visitors can be segmented into “buckets” to differentiate between types, to ultimately find your best source of traffic.

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